Bar/Bat Mitzvah Tours

Celebrating a Bar or Bat Mitzvah in Israel is life changing. Traveling with the extended family is always a fun and bonding experience, but it is most meaningful in Israel, where history and family come together.

On our family tours, the guide keeps all the generations engaged throughout the trip, and the children come away with a deeper sense of Jewish history and a more profound appreciation for their family.  After visiting the Wall on Friday night and touching the ancient stones, Alyssa, a Bat Mitzvah girl, said: “I feel so Jewish.” Benji, who had his Bar Mitzvah on Masada, said: “I feel different now about being Jewish.”  Heidi, after her Bat Mitzvah on Masada with her parents and grandma said: “Now I know what it really means to be a Jew.”  And Katie still reminisces about her Bat Mitzvah, how she gained an appreciation for the history of Judaism and how she was inspired to apply Jewish values to her daily life.

Israel has it all – rich history, natural beauty, diverse cultures, varied adventures and fascinating people of all kinds. You can explore a mystical city, hike to a waterfall, enjoy a biblical lunch in a tent, take part in a real archeological dig, climb Masada and more!

You can join one of our group tours or plan a private tour to suit your dates and budget. On a private tour you can travel at your own pace and plan each day to suit your interests. The Bar/Bat service can take place on Masada, in Jerusalem, or at the Ramon Crater. Although you will have a detailed itinerary with scheduled activities, a private tour offers you the opportunity to make reasonable changes as you go.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Group Tour – Thursday Departure

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Private Tour