Eilat & Petra

Eilat at Leisure

A wonderful way to extend your Israel vacation is to spend a few days in Eilat, where the sun always shines.  This beautiful resort city at the southernmost tip of the Negev desert on the Red Sea is just a one-hour flight if you stay in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv.  An extension to Eilat offers a wide variety of activities:

  • Visit the Underwater Observatory and Aquarium, a living museum 20 feet under the sea.
  • Swim with dolphins, scuba dive, snorkel or cruise the Red Sea in a glass-bottomed boat.
  • Have a Bedouin experience. Sip tea and bake pita bread with members of this nomadic tribe. Take a sunset camel ride.

Petra – One-day tour from Eilat

Israel’s eastern neighbor, Jordan, is a land of startling contrasts: cosmopolitan cities a short ride away from rural villages and desert Bedouin encampments. Travelling from Eilat to Petra is easy.

  • Early morning pickup at the hotel. Cross at the Arava Border
  • Drive to Petra, the “Rose-Red City,” in an air-conditioned bus. Enjoy a panoramic view of Wadi Rum
  • Go a short distance on horseback (or on foot) to the entrance of the “Lost City” of Petra, the Nabatean city seen in the movie “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”.
  • Walk one mile through the Siq to the ancient temples. Visit the Treasury, then continue into the heart of this ancient city for a look at the Roman Theater, the caves in the rock and dozens of imposing monuments.
  • Lunch at Wadi Moussa.
  • Late afternoon return to Eilat.

*Private one-day and overnight tours to Petra are available.

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