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Bar / Bat Mitzvah & Family Tours to Spain

Bar/Bat Mitzvah in BarcelonaIn June 2003, I pioneered my first Bar/Bat Mitzvah Jewish Family Heritage Tour to Spain. It was a memorable trip, exceeding everyone's expectations.

The Reform Bar/Bat Mitzvah Service takes place in Barcelona in a newly discovered synagogue in the medieval "call." The synagogue was hidden for centuries under the basement of a 17th century building and recently excavated. Beth Cole, of Cherry Hill, NJ, who traveled with her family on our trip, wrote: "It was inspirational to be present for this lifecycle event in this Synagogue, hundreds of years after the Jewish people were expelled from Spain."

Today, Jews are rediscovering their long history on the Iberian Peninsula, where an extraordinary Jewish Culture flourished in the Middle Ages. (until the "Expulsion" in 1492). The "Golden Age" of Spanish Judaism, produced scholars, philosophers, doctors and poets, among them, Maimonides (Rambam), Shlomo Gabirol, and Yehuda Halevi. On the tour you visit the Juderias of Seville and Cordoba, the interesting Jewish Museum within the "Call" (the Jewish Quarter) in Girona and the medieval Synagogues of Toledo.

SpainYou will find Spain rich in history, culture and sights of great beauty from rolling olive-treed hills, to white, sandy beaches. See Roman bridges, Moorish palaces like the Alhambra and Alcazar, Gaudi's amazing Art Nouveau architecture and the art of Picasso, Miro, Dali and others. Feast on Spain's varied regional cuisine (taste the tapas) and famous wines. In the evening watch fiery flamenco dancers or stroll through plazas filled with statues, fountains and friendly people.

Spain is a unique and exciting destination for Bar/Bat Mitzvah families who are looking for a memorable, fun filled vacation encompassing Jewish heritage.

Tours are offered to suit your dates and budget.